Sunday, 21 June 2009

News Flash: Motorists in the UAE drive like maniacs

Its more than just 'confusing', it can be fatal.

Further to the earlier post, this from

A majority of people think that motorists in the UAE “drive like maniacs” and are to blame for the country having some of the world’s most dangerous roads.

Health officials have urged the UAE government to tighten motoring laws after a World Health Organisation (WHO) report found people here are almost seven times more likely to be killed on the roads than those in Britain.

A spot poll by Arabian Business found that 69.7 percent of respondents agreed UAE highways were among the most hazardous in the world. They pointed the finger at other motorists who drive recklessly.

Surprisingly, 7.8 percent of people thought that roads here were among the safest.

The UAE is the worst performer in the region, with significantly more road deaths per head of population than Bahrain (12.1 per 100,000), Kuwait (16.9), Oman (21.3), Qatar (23.7), Saudi Arabia (29).

Comments left on the site were almost unanimous in agreement that bad and aggressive driving was to blame.

Sticky wrote: “I will tell you what a local acquaintance said when I asked why she didn't use her indicators when driving... her answer was "Why should I? I know where I'm going." LOL that sums it up nicely doesn't it!

Rowland said: ‘Witness the incredible total lack of lane discipline and tailgating and there you have most of the reasons for the resulting problems.

GMatths was clear on what action should be taken by governments. “The authorities should take strict action and suspend and cancel all the licenses of these idiots. Even if you are a careful driver its hell driving here,” they wrote.

Road works were blamed by 14.2 percent of respondents to the poll, while 8.3 percent blamed terrible signage.

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