Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Doing the Hokey Pokey in Dubai

Great news for Kiwis, Hey Pesto on the ground floor of building 1 at Emaar Square, (the office blocks next to Dubai Mall) sells real 'Made in New Zealand' style hokey pokey ice cream! Its there for eating in or taking away. True to memory there was creamy vanilla icecream with reasonable sized pieces of crunchy toffee - at 16 dirhams per scoop its not cheap, but what the heck. I owe this great discovery to an Australian (can you believe it, but thanks Maree).

There's been an article in the NZ Herald about hokey pokey, apparently its available in different flavours now.


  1. You know, there are certain food items etc that you get only in the Southern Hemisphere. I was thinking of opening a shop that have products from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in Dubai. They have one of those shops in London and they seemed pretty busy.

  2. to Spear at 12:14

    I'll buy all your Snifters.

  3. Hokey pokey in different flavours? Whats the world coming to?

  4. Mmmm snifters, they are no longer made here in New Zealand