Friday, 12 June 2009

The luxury mob moves on: Bin Hendi closes "Luxury Arcade" at Deira City Centre

From Arabian Business 12 June 09

Oh meeouw! Bin Hendi pulls out of Deira City Centre because its not "classy" enough and there aren't enough "luxury" shoppers......the second part at least is true, you could fire a cannon down there in the luxury arcade most days and not hit anyone except bored shop assistants.
Well, woohoo is my response to that. I love Deira CC, its full of real people doing their real shopping. We may be "non-luxury" to you Mr BinHendi but we non-luxury shoppers and our money will be around long after your precious luxury crowd have moved on. I'll also be sure to avoid your Second Cup coffee bars that remain in DCC, I wouldn't want to offend you by spending my "non-luxury" money there. If you want me you'll find me in Costas.

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BinHendi Enterprises confirmed on Thursday that its first own branded mall, BinHendi Avenue, has closed due to a lack of luxury shoppers in Dubai’s Deira City Centre.

Mohidin BinHendi, the president of BinHendi enterprises, said the closure was not the result of the downturn in Dubai’s retail sector but rather a consequence of shoppers choosing newer, glitzier malls over older ones for their luxury purchases.

“We are in luxury goods, and the mall is no longer for luxury goods,” he told Arabian Business.

“When new facilities come the old facilities lose their charm, and it’s happened to all the malls.”Deira City Centre was the third major mall, after Al Ghurair City and Bur Juman, to open in Dubai when it threw its doors open in 1996.

The Majid Al Futtaim owned development was the city’s largest mall until Nakheel’s Ibn Battuta opened in 2005.

Today it is one of Dubai’s most affordable malls, with brands like Carrefour, H&M and New Look among the tenants.

BinHendi will continue to operate two Second Cup coffee shops in the centre.

The two-storey BinHendi avenue had been home around 26 high-end stores selling brands such as Hugo Boss, Porsche Design, Phat Farm, plus a BinHendi Boutique selling luxury watches and jewellery, and dining outlets. The avenue was opened to a huge fanfare in December 2005.

In February a new BinHendi Boutique was opened in Emaar’s The Dubai Mall, following on the heels of another store in the Burj Al Arab in June 2008.


  1. Why are you angry at this?

    They do sell luxury items to high new worth (not always high class) people, and frankly, CC might as well be little bombay, I think the highest salary to walk in there in a year was maybe 6K. So this makes perfect sense.

    It isnt full of real people doing real shopping. Its full of the filth of Dubai scraping by.


  2. Phat Farm??? Why would anyone buy anything from a shop called Fat Farm.