Thursday, 25 June 2009

See you in Court: The postscript

One final post about last night's Rent Tribunal appearance.
We left the Court at the same time as the landlord's representative and he got into the lift with us. As the lift headed down he leant over and said to Colin in a very hushed, confidential tone "Don't worry Sir, I can help you."
Don't worry Sir, I can help you?? WTF does that mean??
I thought for an instant that I'd been transported into an episode of the Sopranos. "Don't worry Sir, I can help you."? What do you think he meant, did he mean something like "I can make all this disappear" or "I can get your satellite tv hooked up for free" or possibly even "I can have somebody whacked". Who knows?
Who's he kidding "....I can help you". We pay the money as instructed by the Court and khallas, the matter is over and done with.
"Don't worry Sir, I can help you". Good grief.

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