Tuesday, 23 June 2009

See you in Court Pt 2

Contrary to what the man from the Municipality said on the phone, no papers were delivered today so we're still in the dark about what's happening tomorrow. The Municipality closes at 2:30pm every day so by the time I had a chance to call them today they were shut. If we don't appear at the hearing tomorrow, despite not having been told when and where its being held, we will be ****ed so I guess in true Dubai fashion one of us will have to take most of the day off work, turn up at the Municipality at 7:30am when they open and try to find out if there really is a case being heard, when and where its being heard and what the process is. As we haven't been given the chance to prepare our case in any way we don't know what paperwork to take (take everything I guess) or what questioning will take place. Is there the option of an adjournment so that we could have at least a few hours to prepare? Silly me.

I assume that Rocky Real Estate has been informed of the hearing date and time, it'd be an irony if the Plaintiff didn't turn up.

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