Sunday, 15 March 2009

Out of the Pod this week: 15 March '09

Today’s first song out of the Pod was “I Surrender" by David Sylvian. I know nothing about Mr Sylvian, never heard of him before. “I Surrender” has a laid-back jazz feel, and would make a good background song while smoking a quiet shisha on a lazy Friday afternoon. The first 3 minutes of “I surrender” were mellow and I enjoyed it. After 4 minutes the mood becomes dark as he sings about mothers crying under the southern skies or something. After 5 minutes he starts waffling on about some girl who’s going to “throw burning books into the sea”. After 6 minutes I hoped he was going to jump in after her. After 7 minutes there was a trumpet solo. Trumpet? After 7 minutes? However, as I’ve promised to play the first song out of the Pod in its entirety no matter what, I gritted my teeth. But why trumpet? There’d been no hint of trumpet anywhere in the song previously, maybe a trumpet playing session musician wandered into the wrong studio, played a bit then wandered out again. Finally after 9 minutes 43 seconds the whole thing, thankfully, shuddered to a halt. I don't believe I'll listen to any more of Mr Sylvian's music without an anaesthetic.

Thank goodness the next song was straightforward and unpretentious: “Iron Horse” by Motorhead. Yea Lemmy!

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