Sunday, 29 March 2009

Out of the Pod: 29 March '09

The first song out of the Pod today is pure gold. First, I have no idea where it came from, it must have been in someone's collection when we swapped Playlists at some stage. I turned on the iPod, pressed shuffle and this little gem of a song played first up. I loved it and played three more times. As it was listed "Unknown Track/Unknown Artist" I had to get onto Goggle to find out who sang it but the words were easy to remember so it popped up quickly. Its by '5 Guys Named Moe' and the song's a cautionary tale titled "There ain't nobody here but us chickens":

"There ain't nobody here but us chickens,
There ain't nobody here at all
So stop that fuss and raisin' dust
There ain't nobody here but us".

Even BB King has done a version. Though its pouring with rain today (I thought we were living in the desert) this song will cheer you up.

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