Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Raid on counterfeit truck parts in Sharjah.

Source: Construction Week Online, 26 August '09
Sharjah Municipality, in coordination with Bosch and its UAE service providers, has recently conducted raids on two warehouses in Sharjah’s industrial area following reports of counterfeit auto parts trade.
The raids resulted in the confiscation and destruction this week of more than 30,000 counterfeit auto parts of various German brands. In addition, the counterfeit dealer was banned from participating in a major regional automotive exhibition.
It was revealed that the authorities who carried out the raids found that some of the fake products were already packed and ready to be shipped to a neighbouring GCC country.
“In our bid to fight counterfeiting, we have been working closely with our service providers who regularly update us and the municipalities with information about potential counterfeiters.” said Volker Bischoff, GM of Bosch ME. “We believe that this successful raid in Sharjah will send a strong message to those involved in dealing with fake auto parts that the UAE Government will not show any leniency towards offenders.”
Bischoff pointed out that counterfeiters are taking advantage of Bosch’s reputation of manufacturing top quality auto spare parts. “Motorists around the world know that the Bosch brand stands for excellence and quality, and unfortunately this is what the pirate manufacturers are capitalising on,” he said. “However, in recent years we have introduced several measures to combat product piracy, most importantly the keySecure label.”
Counterfeit parts are not to be confused with copy products. The former misleads the buyer about the brand of the component, while the latter are simply generic replacement parts.

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  1. There is nothing on this green earth that people will not attempt to counterfeit. I was unaware until right now that brand name auto parts were even being forged. It is a major price difference between the less popular and big-name brands. It's nice to see that the UAE is cracking down on the counterfeiters and will be using this raid to set an example to the rest of the illegal counterfeiters around the world. This attack on forgery will definitely slow the production of all counterfeiters worldwide, regardless of the type of product.