Monday, 28 September 2009

Dubai recruiter caught in Ministry sting op

Employment agencies in Dubai that charge candidates to apply for jobs are being spotlighted by the Ministry of Labour.  There are several well known culprits who advertise extensively on the internet, the crowd from Mississauga being one of the best known.
 The Ministry of Labour is set to shut down a Dubai-based recruitment agent following a sting operation exposed illegal payments.
UAE authorities are set to shut down a Dubai-based recruitment agency and press charges against its owners on allegations that the firm charged candidates for applying for jobs.
A sting operation by the Ministry of Labour (MoL) found that the company was charging job seekers for applying for jobs, a source close to the situation told Arabian Business.
The operation was one in a series of crackdowns on rogue recruiters in the country, the source said.
Execuland, a white-collar recruitment consultancy with offices on the 41st floor of Emirates Towers, was also found to be advertising jobs despite not being registered as a recruitment agency.
Nobody from the company showed up for work on Sunday, according to a receptionist outside the firm’s office, and telephone calls were directed to voice mail.
UAE recruiters are only allowed to charge employers for their services.
Previously only a problem for blue-collar workers in sectors like construction, the economic slowdown has seen illegal recruitment fees spread to all parts of the market as a wave of redundancies in Gulf states created a surplus of job candidates.
Article 18 of the UAE Labour Law states that: “no licensed employment agent or labour supplier shall demand or accept from any worker...any commission or material reward in return for employment”.
In a statement sent earlier to Arabian Business, Humaid bin Deemas, the acting director general of MoL, said that jobseekers asked for fees should submit a complaint supported by evidence to any of the ministry’s customer offices.
The managing director of Execuland did not immediately respond to e-mails.

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