Tuesday, 22 September 2009

New tunnel opens in Dubai

Picture: A worker attempting to reach Emaar Square this morning 

The new tunnel under Emaar Square is open and this morning I went through it twice, neither time intentionally.  The direction sign at the roundabout that leads to Sheikh Zayed Rd has an arrow and the words "Emaar Square" on it but the sign tells lies. Instead of taking the unsuspecting driver to Emaar Square, the road veers away, dips underground through the new tunnel, emerging on the road to DIFC, well past the Marooj Rotana. As a result, I joined The Queue of The Confused to do a u-turn by DIFC, went back through the tunnel again this time appreciating the nice road surface, smooth walls, pristine beige paintwork and reasonable acoustics for the Audi. Once I was above ground again, I took a chance on an unmarked exit that looked like it led to the road that winds past the Tabreed substation. Thank goodness it was the right road. Other co-workers were also surprised to find themselves going through the tunnel. Unfortunately for one, on her return trip after doing a u-turn at DIFC, she took the wrong exit and ended up in the Dubai Mall carpark in her words "trapped like a mouse in a maze". When she finally found her way out of the carpark 20 minutes later, she somehow ended up on the overpass heading towards Al Khail and having to start the whole thing again.
No doubt everything will be completely different again tomorrow.

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