Thursday, 30 August 2012

A reader asks: 'So, what's an Amera hijab?'

I've had a couple of messages asking about the head covering, the Amera hijab, that I talk about in the posts describing the mosque visits in Istanbul.

The tube (r) and buknuk (l) that together make up an Amera hijab.
As you know you'll need to cover head, shoulders and legs when visiting many places of worship, not just mosques.  If you're wearing shorts and a top with shoulders and/or legs exposed then you'll have to use one of the cover wraps that are usually supplied but for head covering, the Amera is the go.  It squishes up easily and takes up hardly any room at all in a handbag or backpack. I carry it in my bag held together with a tie that I use to put my hair in a pony tail before putting on the hijab.

The Amera is a 2 piece hijab, the first part (on the right in the pic below) you put on like a head band.  The second part slips over the top of the band and its this part that is long enough to rest on your shoulders.  Some people call this second part a buknuk.  You put the buknuk under your chin and then slide it onto your head over the band.  There are also 1 piece Ameras available that are even easier as there's no headband.  Most important, for the traveller especially, the Amera is quick to put on and no pins are required. Above is a pic of an Amera hijab that I use regularly when travelling, the tube part on the right is reversible and the buknuk part is on the left.  I'm all thumbs, so if I can use it anyone can.


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  1. Great Info on Amera Hijab, YouTube also has a few videos on how to use scarves for Hijab