Wednesday, 9 February 2011

World domination using coffee and bikkies.

Resistance is futile.
New Zealand has a plan for world domination and the fern shape in the froth is the clue. First we lure them in with coffee:

Then the coup de grace, the biscuits.

At last we can ask for a 'flat white' in at least one coffee shop in Dubai (Costas) and not get an uncomprehending stare in response. The biscuits are from the Lime Tree Cafe - where else?


  1. Flat White from Dome too - an Aussie coffee shop chain and, of course, the Flat White is an Aussie invention.

  2. Dome's Aussie though nobody on the Eastern seaboard of Oz seems to have heard of it as they're Perth based.
    The flat white an Aussie invention? Like the origin of pavlova, its something we'll have to 'agree to disagree' on.