Sunday, 27 February 2011

Q for Qatar

Doha, Qatar
Like  many people in the construction industry we are joining the steady trickle of people who are heading to Doha, Qatar to live and work.
I've been in Doha, Qatar for the last few days. Its hard to believe but the driving there really is worse than Dubai and the roundabouts in Doha are lethal, its a complete free for all and the red stop light is just a suggestion!

Apparently a Facebook page "Freedom Revolution March 16 Qatar" has been set up demanding the removal of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani.  The page was approved or in FB-speak, 'liked', by about 1,600 people.  Before we see another Egypt looming let's put that number in perspective as there are over 4 million people who 'like' the Facebook page entitled 'Flipping the pillow over to get the cold side'.
As background, Qatar's natural gas reserves have made the country incredibly rick, and the Qatari nationals, who number about 350,000, have the world's highest per capita income.  What's that saying 'Civilization is four meals away from anarchy'. The rest of the population are expats from all over the world.
Sheika Mouza, the Qatari Emir's wife, is a woman with education and opinions who plays an active public role in Qatar. She also acts as a representative of her country overseas. As a result, she attracts criticism from conservatives and one of the demands on the FB page is that she should play no further public role.

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  1. Came across this on another site and found it quite funny:

    Qatar... well recently I heard the following:

    1-Qataris think Democracy is for poor people
    2-To protest do you need to get out of the Land Cruiser?
    3-Can the protest area be Shaded with A/C and Shisha?
    4-How much should we pay to every Indian who will protest in our behalf?
    5-Can we have the protest between 9 pm and midnight?
    6-any gifts or prize for those who attend?