Thursday, 28 January 2010

Dubai hotel rape case dismissed

Hmmm, why wasn't the hotel's CCTV footage checked immediately?  Hmmm, the couple concerned have consistently been reported as being in Dubai to celebrate their engagement yet now it seems they forgot they were married on 19 November last year, and suddenly they have the marriage certificate to prove it.  Hmmm, how is it that the couple are standing trial for consuming alcohol when they were inside a 'licenced' hotel?  Are tourists in Dubai being made aware that they risk arrest if they have an alcoholic drink in a hotel bars in Dubai?  Is it entrapment for the hotels to provide bars which serve alcohol when surely they must be aware that their customers risk arrest for partaking? 
Source: WAM/Arabian Business
Dubai's public prosecution on Thursday said a case of a British woman who claimed she was raped in the bathroom of a top hotel in the emirate on New Year's Eve had been closed.
The woman alleged that she was sexually attacked by an Indian hotel worker at The Address Hotel in Dubai Marina.
Attorney General Essam Al Humaidan said the investigation into the allegations had been completed and prosecutors had decided to close the charge against the Indian worker "as the incident didn't happen", news agency WAM reported.
He said the public prosecution had also decided to dismiss the count of consensual rape against the British girl and her friend after the duo showed the court a marriage certificate dated November 16 2009.
He said that they would only stand trial for consuming alcohol without a permission.
The Dubai Attorney General attacked the way the case had been reported in some sections of the international press.
"All these untrue reports have not, in any way, affected resolutions the Dubai Public Prosecution has taken in the case as these measures have been taken after thorough investigation in virtue of the criminal procedures law which is being enforced on all without discrimination in regards to nationality, religion or race," he added.
The British woman had claimed that she was attacked by a waiter while semi-conscious in a hotel toilet.
However, the police said closed-circuit television footage has confirmed that the suspect did not enter the bathroom after her

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