Monday, 19 January 2009

Rumour and Innuendo 1: Back to the beginning in Satwa

The Jumeirah Garden City development is "on hold" for an indefinite period that's not a rumour, with the sales office having been closed for some time now. Word on the street is that the developer of Jumeirah Garden City, Meraas, has approached the Satwa landlords with an offer that Meraas will return their land if the landlords return the compensation cheques Meraas gave them. Whether that's true or not or I don't know, but the story is certainly out there....
Pity they trashed the park in Satwa less than a year after it was completed (those palm trees cost a packet too and they just ended up in a pile on the side of the road.)

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  1. Almost too hard to believe, but if it happens it will be so typical of DUbai.