Monday, 9 April 2012

The Small Blacks: When the cat's away. (Day 17)

Day 17 and they're walking round though as you can see the two little ones are steadier than their chubby siblings who often can't be bothered. The kittens' ears have unfolded so they're looking like small cats rather than large, furry mice. They can hear now and when we talk to them all the little heads turn. They don't try to hiss when I pick them up now either though I only pick them up when MC is outside for some fresh air. After all, Mum is a feral and this is her first experience of being an inside cat. She has boundaries and I'm respecting them.
Their idea of fun is play-fighting with each other and climbing on and over their mother who's spending more time sitting outside the box either sleeping or watching them from a safe distance :-)

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