Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Look at me Mum.

The guys who were filmed driving like drop kicks on Sheikh Zayed Road are, surprisingly considering the risks of their actions, still alive.  You may remember these morons from their antics back in May and you'll probably also remember that their 'slap on the wrist with limp celery' punishment was a 1000 dirham fine, that's around $300.  You could probably be fined more than that for wearing a short skirt in the mall.  One article states "Motoring experts claim levying heavy fines will not have any effect on the behaviour of these kind of drivers." Its now apparent that levying laughable, tiny fines has no effect either. These boys must have wasta by the bucketful.
'7 Days' the local shock-horror English language in Dubai has discovered that the fools have a Youtube channel.  This has caused some comment in the press, but having looked through the channel's contents, let's not get too overexcited.  Most of the clips are taken from tv coverage of the drifting comps which are held in controlled conditions at the MotoPlex at Um al Quwain.  However, they do have a clip which shows why they'll leave their mothers' crying:  

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