Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The brain dead receive their "punishment"

Do you remember the Sheikh Zayed Road antics of a couple of brain dead drivers?

What was their punishment?  Hold onto your hats!  They've been fined the grand total of 1,000 dirhams each by the Dubai Court of Misdemeanours. That's $321 Aussie dollars! No black points.  And while they get off with nothing more than a slap on the hand with limp celery, stories are coming to light of motorists who have received fines and/or lost black point for incidents that have not taken place.  For example, a man fined for speeding at 3am in Sharjah when he was asleep in Dubai, another story of a friend who has received a fine for speeding on Beach Road.  At the time of the 'offence' she was at work and her car was in a secure parking area all day.  The RTA have told her to pay up. 


  1. The phantom fines are becoming quite common.

    It's to do with dodgy cars having false number plates which the cameras film, the owner of the true, genuine, non-dodgy number plate gets the fine.

    People have said the car pictured isn't even the same make or colour as theirs...but the fine has to be paid anyway.

    Something else for the authorities to get sorted out.

  2. Ah, that explains a lot. A colleague went to re-register his car recently and there was a fine on his number plate for speeding. He asked to see the RTA photo which showed the offending vehicle, a small white Japanese hatchback. My friend showed the RTA guy his car, a large black Italian job, with the number plates. Obviously not the same car but did that matter? Well, you know the answer to that.... Pay up!

  3. Actually you don't have to pay the fine. Its a bloody hassle but if you take the car to the police and prove its not the same one in the picture the fine will be reversed. Done it - 3 times now! Of course if they'd bothered to check the registration details they coulda figured it out and saved me the time - maybe they just didn't bank on bloody mindedness!