Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Standards must be maintained.

"I'm off to the Co-op Darling"

As you probably know, Dubai's malls and many individual shops in the suburbs display posters at the entrances warning customers to wear 'respectful clothing'. Most of these posters show a sketch of a female dress that covers both shoulders and knees. Now, in an interesting possible development, the Union Co-Op in Satwa has a 'respectful clothing' poster at the entrance which shows a female figure wearing a floor length dress not unlike an abaya. This is the first time I've seen a 'full length dress' poster. I have one floor length dress, its a ball gown and I'm sure as hell not wearing it to the Co-op in Satwa. (The Co-op was full of Phillipinas in shorts and spaghetti straps, not one of them was wearing a full length ball gown so it seems the clothing message has been lost in translation along the way somewhere.)

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  1. This makes me laugh, really. (And its not only Filipinas that are wearing shorts and spaghetti straps, btw)

    I heard that at one point that the police caught one girl wearing shorts in Al Riqqa. That was one time only. Go to Deira area and you'll see all sorts of semi nakedness.