Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Double standards strike again.

Earlier this month a female tourist who'd come to Dubai for a week's holiday was sentenced to a month in jail by the Dubai Court for kissing a man in public following a complaint.  The Court ruling was followed by postings in web forums and letters to the Editor which seem to indicate a growing attitude that such behaviour is an attack on the moral fibre of the nation and anyone who doesn't follow 'the rules' should expect the same punishment.  Noticeable too, is that after a slow start, the malls are now displaying "Wear respectful clothing" signs prominently.


Last Saturday in Abu Dhabi, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) put on their show.  No matter what you think about UFC, its enormously popular and the tv shows attract a sizeable audience worldwide.  The tv announcers regularly reminded us that the show was taking place in Aboooo Daaarbee and the crowds of gents in the audience wearing kandoras were shown regularly on the broadcast as if to prove it. The three ring girls were there.  And were they wearing 'respectful clothing'?  As if! They were wearing their usual brief, tight bikinis with more buttcheek hanging out of their shorts than in them and yet nobody said a word!  The photo on the right was taken at the AD show.  The girls walked past the crowds on numerous occasions and did anyone call the police to report such a scandalous display?  Of course not.  Don't you love double standards?

Photo: 1.


  1. The double standards and the totally random application of the rules/laws are the real problem.

    While the malls are displaying modest clothing signs there's no enforcement whatsoever. It's normal to see men in singlets, beach shorts and flipflops, women in hotpants and skimpy tops with underwear on prominent display.

    Either the rules/laws have to be applied or they have to be changed.

  2. Brilliant piece, well done, where did you get that photo - screen shot from?

    C xxx