Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Trench: Day 3

Third day, and we still have one car trapped inside our garage while Madame is outside on the street for another night and I'm starting to think she's getting friendly with the Porsche across the road.
We used to laugh at Post Office gangs in New Zealand who were famous for standing around in a group leaning on their shovels while one guy was in the hole digging, but those guys were rank amateurs compared to the pipe laying gang currently doing the 'work' in our street in Garhoud.  As you can see from the photo on the left, the trench stretches the length of the street cutting across all the garages and because its so deep, makes access to the garages impossible for any car other than a 4x4.  Yesterday the pipelayers, the Garhoud Gang, and it is a 'gang' as there's15-20 guys here every day, took the entire day to deposit individual piles of stones at the right hand end of the trench outside each garage.  Once again nobody could use their garages.
Today I drove home breathless with excitement.  Could I get into the garage tonight? Or would my shovelling technique be tested? Could I use the sandmat thingys across the trench to get Madame off the street and away from the temptations of the Porsche across the road?  Sigh, the answer is that, as you can see from the photo below, the Garhoud Gang had been there all day and in that time all they'd done was move the pile of stones from the right hand end of the trench to the left hand end.  Aaaagh!  So Madame was on the street again and the trench is filling up with windblown rubbish and empty Masafi bottles. Meanwhile, the neighbours next door appear to have admitted defeat, packed their numerous children into one of their cars and gone to stay elsewhere.  Their other car remains trapped inside their garage. 

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  1. Is the anyone you can call to see how long this is going to take?