Thursday, 13 August 2009

"Mata Hari" claims money & guns story untrue: "I'm in Dubai".

Source: Emirates Business 24/7, 13 August 09
A senior executive of Dubai's real estate sector yesterday accused her former husband of spreading rumours about her being convicted by an Egyptian court on charges of money laundering and involvement in arms trading.
Malika Karoum told Emirates Business the claims were made in a Dutch tabloid magazine to damage her reputation, career and life.
"This whole story has been created by my ex-husband and his private detective," she said. "I was shocked to see my picture on the front page of your paper. I am Malika Karoum and I have been living and working in Dubai for the past three years. I have no problem with any authorities or police. Call any of my ex-employees and check with them. The only correct thing in this article is that I have worked for Omniyat, Define and ACI. My ex-husband started this and there is a long dispute between us over custody rights for our son. He says anything to destroy me and destroy my reputation by saying I am a spy and mafia and a fraud."
Karoum alleged her ex-husband was a fugitive and accused him of spreading lies about her on the internet. "All these blogs are created by my ex-husband and a private detective. He has been doing this for the past six years through my family and friends. When it didn't work he started with the media."

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  1. Does everybody really think Malika is such an nice girl?
    Does everybody really think there's nothing going on around this Malika?
    Why are there so many investigators hunting Malika?
    Why is the criminal world hunting Malika too?
    Yeah, yeah, she's as clean as a virgin?