Sunday, 12 July 2009

Out of the Pod

I’ve fallen off the "Out of the Pod" wagon recently but its back in the blog today. The idea is that I hit Shuffle first thing each Sunday just to see what musical gem makes an appearance from the 28,672 songs in the Library.
Today, the first song Out of the Pod was "Dance Music" by the Mountain Goats. What? While "Dance Music" turns out to be an interesting song with thoughtful words, where on earth did it come from? It must be a song that's tagged along when I swapped Libraries with someone. And who are the Mountain Goats, I’ve never heard of them. According to Wikipedia the Mountain Goats are a band from North Carolina with an ever changing lineup who’ve, amongst other things, released a concept record about organ harvesting colonies on the moon (you’d think it’d be a challenge to write lyrics on that subject but there you go.....)
You know how it is, you swap iTunes libraries with a friend and in return for your carefully organised lists you receive a mixed bag of music that your friend likes or possibly doesn’t like anymore but couldn’t be bothered removing. Still, some of the music on a swapped library will prove to be a glorious revelation (eg Alabama 3), some of it will be suitable only for use as background music on boring car trips (eg that Johnson guy whose songs all sound the same) and no doubt there’ll also be some music that’s either challenging or unfathomable depending on who's listening to it. Then at the bottom of the pile is the sort of music that would be guaranteed a place in the soundtrack of any film titled "Streetlife in Hell" (eg that aural dross from Titanic by Celine Dion). It works both ways of course, I know people who've received my library and have immediately deleted anything with a mizmar in it, all wrestling theme songs and incredibly Alabama 3. Each to their own.

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