Sunday, 5 October 2008

The car they say isn't here, is here.

If you've read September's 'AutoCar Middle East' you'll no doubt have seen the review of the new Dodge Challenger SRT8. To quote the article in the latest issue the SRT8 is "....not due on sale here (the M.E.) until November/December." Well, nobody's told the boys at Al Awir about the car not being available until the end of the year because not only is there a drool-worthy SRT8 in bright orange out there for sale but there's a second one in black too, and the evidence is above. The reporters at 'Auto Car' went all the way to London to test drive the Challenger when they could have stayed in Dubai and done the test drive down the Dubai truck road on a Friday morning.


  1. Hi Ya,

    I saw the Challengers down at Al Awir back in August when I was looking around there. It is truly an awesome car with the largest bonnet I have seen on a car for some time.

    I thought they were chancing their arm asking for 350,000 AED for one!

  2. 350,000 AED?!? They're only $48,000brand new in the US. That's quite a premium for the UAE.