Saturday, 9 August 2008

Olympic opening commentary in Dubai

Like half the world, I watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics last night. I don't know if the Olympics are being shown on free-to-air tv here in Dubai but we are getting it loud and clear through the South African satellite network MNET. Incredible ceremony with fantastic fireworks. I have to ask though: What was with Sarah Brightman's hair? It looked liked a cheap rental wig from a mermaid costume.

It was a total surprise when I heard the opening ceremony commentators: Keith Quinn and John McBeth. I last heard KQ commentating sailing or something like that on TVNZ and John McBeth has commentated rugby in NZ since the Dark Ages (and done it well too.) The commentators for the weightlifting this morning were Kiwis too. Yaaaah -flat vowels rule!

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  1. For the very first time, I find myself envying someone for listening to John McBeth and Keith Quinn!

    All I'm getting in Berlin is endless re-runs of German athletes in events. They show the same things about 20 times per day.

    BUT I did just see Nick Willis win bronze in the Men's 1500m - awesome!

    Sadly, nothing of Valerie (athough they showed endless repeats of the Polish man winning the Men's Shot) or the Evers-Swindell twins - even though the latter just pipped Germany for the win.

    I think that I like watching the Olympics in NZ the best because we get to see events other than those in which our athletes are competing.