Wednesday, 23 July 2008

No more visa runs

UAE puts an end to visa runs to neighbouring countries

Published: July 23, 2008 in the "Gulf News"

Dubai: People from any part of world wishing to visit UAE can from now on apply for tourist visa, said a top official on Wednesday.

The Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) and the Economic Department met with representatives of hotels, tourist agencies, hospitals and educational institutions at Dubai Police Club on Wednesday to brief them about the new federal visa changes and how it will be implemented.

Visa runs to Kish Island, Oman and other neighbouring countries has also been stopped. People wanting to change their visas must go back to their home countries, said Mohammad Ahmad Al Hammadi, Director of the Department of Entry Permit.

Visa applicants coming back from any of the neighbouring countries of the UAE will have their applications rejected, said the official.


  1. So what happens if you come to visit Dubai for a couple of weeks and you want to do a trip to Oman or somewhere during that time and then come back to Dubai. Does that mean you can only stay in Dubai and you can't come back in?

  2. Woah. That's going to cause a huge amount of problems with all the expats! They're not making things easy are they?