Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Nearly there.

Gone are the great days when I could leave Dubai airport and walk home.  Now there's another leg to the trip home from NZ.  I arrived in Dubai at 4pm, collected my bags, chatted to the immigration man as there were no other customers for him, then out the door of the arrivals hall across the driveway into the lift across the road and back into the departures hall which is in the same building I'd just left.  Checked in and now waiting for the flight to Doha. The flight is international so I have to check in 2.5 hours before departure, but the actual flying time is only 40-45 minutes, just long enough to get up to cruising altitude before its time to start the descent.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Getting off the ground

The Air New Zealand website is one of the most user UNfriendly, frustrating business sites ever.  As a potential passenger its impossible to access even simple, basic information for example, flights between Sydney and Rotorua (the rumour is they fly direct, probably in a Tigermoth but moving along) without entering a code which I typed in but their site refuses to accept it and gives me another code which their site refuses etc etc.  I have now tried 9 different codes in an attempt to get flight details and I've had it with them.  Other airlines have websites that give information easily and quickly but Air New Zealand's answer is to give a full page of instructions on how to change your computer settings to access their crappy site as they are too cheap to optimise it for all browsers.  If I want computer instruction I'll go to Microsoft, I just want to make a flight booking through Air New Zealand's website but they make it impossible.  So I'm going Emirates.  Yallah!